Twisted Copper Top Jewelry

Is lovingly handcrafted and uses recycled wires when possible. Copper, stainless steel, tarnish resistant silver, and colored craft wires twisted, turned, hammered and wrapped. Pair with fused glass, polished rock, beads and bobbles creating beautiful and unique handcrafted jewelry.

The resin cabochons and beads paired in our jewelry are made with food safe resin and all mixed, poured, and set in Twisted Copper Top's studio.

Please note that I do not use real gold (unless found and recycled), base silvers (all that polishing), diamonds (so many reasons), or endangered items (protecting our earth and animals).

Properties of Copper (Cu)

Bacteria will not grow on copper, making it biostatic and thus perfect for a variety antibiofouling and antimicrobial purposes. Copper and its alloys have been used on the hull of ships, to make bed rails, head rails, sinks, faucets, doorknobs, and other products simply because of its biostatic property.

Copper also has been used in natural medicine, as it is believed to be healing for those with arthritis. It is also found naturally within our food, and copper is a dietary substance needed by humans, plants, and animals because of its oxygen transportation abilities. There are also many other uses for copper, such as for the production of art, jewelry, musical instruments, etching, engraving, and other things making the list of copper’s applications somewhat endless.